As a 501(c)(3) all donations to HGI are deductible for purposes of federal and state income tax law to the extent permitted by those laws and the donor’s particular tax status for which an independent tax advisor should be consulted. The Tax ID Number is 26-2413377.

HGI would like to receive sufficient funding in order to support all aspects of our mission: research; provide on-going training to orthotists; provide networking support to current and potential DBS wearers; acquire and disseminate information on innovative orthoses; and provide partial financial support for potential wearers.

Donations may be sent to Marny Eulberg, MD at the address below or on the contact page.


The Human Gait Institute Story

When The Human Gait Institute’s founder, Dr. Marny Eulberg, a polio survivor, was faced with having to go into more extensive bracing, she wanted a more effective brace than the industry standard that is traditionally made of metal and plastic. After much research, she became the user of the Dynamic Bracing Solutions (DBS) orthosis. With her DBS, she experienced the increased functionality it provided and a significant improvement in her life style.

Thinking long-term, she recognized that the principles of the DBS bracing system needed to endure for continued support to its users. This was the original impetus for the establishment of HGI. HGI focuses in four areas, all of which are in developmental stages: 1) assisting in training orthotists in the DBS technology, 2) supporting users and potential users in their use of the technology, 3) assisting in and/or conducting research to establish the effectiveness of the DBS and other advanced technologies as needed, and, 4) providing information on grant resources and grants to those who need assistance in acquiring the brace. To see our accomplishments to date refer to the list on the back of this letter.

HGI exists through volunteers’ time, talents, and out of pocket expense payments, and through some small training and research grants and gifts. It is not affiliated with and operates independent of Dynamic Bracing Solutions. The DBS Users Guide is a product of volunteer efforts, and the production costs have been partly supported by selling it to users, when possible. The feedback on the usefulness of the guide from those who have it has been positive. Our goal, at this time, is to provide a Users Guide package as part of the delivery of each DBS brace, rather than the current practices which have resulted in inconsistent access and availability to users. To meet this goal and, if possible, to help fund our other projects, including the cost of applying for large grants and gifts, we are seeking donations.

Please help us by giving to these projects. Any donation will be greatly appreciated and such donations are tax deductible. In addition to donations, we would like any access to or information on possible large grant resources of which you have knowledge and that can help us meet all of our goals. Please send your tax-deductible donations and information to:

The Human Gait Institute
9461 W 37th Place
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033