HGI Activities & Events

HGI’s current activities have focused on DBS orthoses with the intention that procedures developed with respect to it can be replicated with other innovative technologies as they are developed and come to the attention of HGI. Within the current limitation to DBS, HGI has disseminated literature.

HGI - DBS Wearer's Meeting

4 happy DBS wearers

Orthotic Training Classes
Since 2008, HGI has provided an average of two training programs each year for healthcare professionals, directed mostly at orthotists/prosthetists and physical therapists. See professional training page for information on the next course this year.

Print Media
HGI has created a Buyers Guide and Wearer’s Handbook for DBS wearers and made these available to orthotists for dissemination to current and prospective DBS wearers. See Resources

Support Meetings

HGI has developed DBS Wearers’ Support Groups that are held twice a year in Colorado and Northern California. They are also developing Guidelines for developing Wearers Support Groups in your area. For information on the HGI Sponsored Support group meetings in CO contact For the meetings on the West Coast contact Karla Stromberger at These meetings have been met with enthusiasm and requests for more frequent meetings.

The next HGI West Coast DBS focused meeting will be October 22, 2016 in Martinez, CA. Contact Karla for information. 

HGI - comparing DBS braces

comparing DBS AFOs

Networking/Social Media
HGI facilitates networking amongst DBS wearers, potential wearers,
orthotists/prosthetists and physical therapists through a closed Facebook site and through connecting wearers one-to-one. For information about joining the Facebook site contact Marny Eulberg at

Newsletter In 2016 HGI will publish a newsletter – topics in the newsletter include information about HGI,  innovative orthotic technologies and, with permission, experiences of persons using the DBS. See Newsletters link above to see Newletters.

HGI -DBS Wearer's meeting CO

DBS Users meeting in Estes Park, CO

Think about spending a few days in August in the mountains of Colorado having fun, meeting and sharing with other DBS users, learning more about how DBS works, and improving your walking! Learn more about the camps.

HGI has begun a research program to study the efficacy of the DBS. Please see the “research” page for more information.