Research Papers

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There are 2 other research articles about DBS orthoses that were not sponsored by HGI. Here is the information on where those articles can be found:

1. Hale, J, Seale, J, Jennings, J, DiBello, T. An Advanced Ground Reaction Design Ankle-Foot Orthosis to Improve Gait and Balance in Individuals With Post-Stroke Hemiparesis, A Case Series. J Prosthet Orthot 2013; 25 (1): 42-47.

2. Presuto, M, Stickley, C. Perisweig, K, Kimura, I, Antoine, G. Long-Term Outcomes of a Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthosis on Gait Characteristics of a Service Member With Incomplete Nerve Injury to the Lower Extremity: A Case Report. Military Medicine, 2013; 178: e870-e875.

Chart: Comparing DBS and conventional bracing by Marny Eulberg MD

Newspaper Articles and Clips:

Article comparing conventional bracing to DBS

Article about the DBS Unloader brace

Article about Doug Jack, CPO, and some patients for whom he has made DBS braces

NBC Newsclip about DBS Unloader

ESPN article on Unloader brace