HGI has begun a research program to study the efficacy of the DBS. Dr. Eulberg has developed presentations regarding post polio syndrome and DBS. The presentations have been given in the United States. A PowerPoint of her presentation to the AOPA in Boston in 2012 is available to download here: PowerPoint .

A PowerPoint of her presentation at the AOPA in Las Vegas in September of 2014 is available to download here: PowerPoint


There are 2 other research articles about DBS orthoses that were not sponsored by HGI. Here is the information on where those articles can be found:

1. Hale, J, Seale, J, Jennings, J, DiBello, T. An Advanced Ground Reaction Design Ankle-Foot Orthosis to Improve Gait and Balance in Individuals With Post-Stroke Hemiparesis, A Case Series. J Prosthet Orthot 2013; 25 (1): 42-47.

2. Presuto, M, Stickley, C. Perisweig, K, Kimura, I, Antoine, G. Long-Term Outcomes of a Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthosis on Gait Characteristics of a Service Member With Incomplete Nerve Injury to the Lower Extremity: A Case Report. Military Medicine, 2013; 178: e870-e875.