Wearer Resources

Links to HGI Resources:

HGI Brochure (two page PDF download)

HGI Considering Custom Leg Braces

HGI  Exploring Leg Bracing Options 10-15-17

Links to HGI published DBS Resources:

HGI DBS Buyer’s Guide (2013 version, PDF download optimized for printing)
HGI DBS Buyer’s Guide (2013 version, PDF download optimized for computer reading)
HGI DBS Wearer’s Handbook (60 page PDF download)

Coming soon - How to facilitate Regional Meetings

HGI Closed Facebook page information:

  • HGI facilitates networking amongst DBS wearers, potential wearers, orthotists/prosthetists and physical therapists through a closed Facebook site and through connecting wearers one-to-one. For information about joining the Facebook site contact Marny Eulberg at marnyeul@me.com.

Links to DBS Resources

DBS Website

Shoes for DBS

List of DBS orthotists

Chart: Comparing DBS to conventional bracing

by Marny Eulberg

Funding – more information coming soon!

Presently partial funding resources include:

  • Polio Health International
  • Human Gait Institute
  • Colorado Post Polio for Colorado residents only
  • Medicaid in Colorado only
  • Some private insurance companies
  • MediCare in some States